Scottish National Heritage short film competition: Why invest in nature?

Terms & conditions

Submission of an entry will be taken to mean acceptance of the competition rules and the terms and conditions.


  1. It is free to take part. The organisers are Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and Scottish Forum on Natural Capital (SNFC).

  2. Current employees and their immediate families of SNH and SFNC employees and its associated companies, their agents, or anyone professionally connected with this draw are excluded from entry. Current employees of the sponsor organisations are excluded from the category they are sponsoring, but can participate in other categories.

  3. The competition is open to young people of all levels of ability aged 16 to 30 at the day of submission. The contestants don’t need to hold a Scottish citizenship or reside in Scotland, but the short film needs to be focused on the Scottish environment. The winners might be asked to show photographic ID to confirm their age.

  4. A ‘short film’ is defined as a video or an animation on the announced topic.

  5. Competition submissions must not include any endorsements of products or services, infringes on people’s reasonable expectations of privacy, or any obscene, violent, racist or defamatory content.

  6. All entries must be received by the closing date of 31st of May 2019, no late submissions will be considered.

  7. Where words are used in the film, language must be English or have English subtitles.

  8. The judging panel consists of representatives from SNH, SFNC, YoungScot and sponsor organisations. The panel will choose a winner from each of the following categories:

    • - Food, drink and agriculture
    • - Forestry and land management
    • - Tourism
    • - Energy
    • - Finance
    • - Built environment

  9. From these winners, the jury will identify an overall winner.

  10. The overall winner will receive as their prize £1000.

  11. The other category winners will receive £500.

  12. All prize winning short films will be used for promoting SNH & SFNC’s work about valuing Scotland’s environment. See 21) for copyright and permissions.

  13. No alternatives to the prizes will be offered.

  14. Decisions taken by the jury are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  15. How to Submit

  16. A maximum of one short film per person will be permitted, no bulk or third-party entries. Several people can collaborate on a film but only one person can the be the contact person and representative of the fil,. and prixes will only be paid out to one account holder. However, SNH will acknowledge all collaborators when using the films in the future.

  17. Short films should be uploaded through the SNH online portal and needs to fulfil the following requirements:

    • - 3 min maximum length
    • - Mp4 format
    • - Frame size 1080p in landscape format
    • - Cannot promote specific products, companies or organisations

  18. When submitting the short film, the person must provide their name, age, email address and contact number for their entry to be valid.

  19. Incomplete entries or entries that do not comply with the formal specifications will be automatically disqualified.

  20. Copyright, liability & GDPR

  21. Short films may not be blocked by agencies or publishers and may not have received an award in another competition.

  22. By participating in this competition, the short film makers confirm and warrant that:

    • - They are the sole authors of each entry and that it is their original work

    • - They own the copyright and any other intellectual property rights of each image and footage

    • - They have the permission of anyone pictured in the image (or, where the image shows any persons under 18, the consent of their parent/guardian) for the usage rights required by SNH and will indemnify SNH against any claims made by any third parties in respect of such infringement

    • - They have not licensed or disposed of any rights in the image that would conflict with uses to be made by SNH

    • - SNH and its sponsors and supporters are granted non-exclusive, irrevocable licence to reproduce, enlarge, publish or exhibit, on any media, the short films for any purpose directly connected with the competition.

    • - Organisers can sub-license films to the media for reproduction in connection with the competition and exhibition only.

    • - SNH will make every reasonable effort to ensure that name credits are given to any film makers published in any medium.

    • - Free usage of any short film will not be permitted by SNH, or any of its partners or sponsors outside of the scope of the competition and exhibition.

    • - Entrants retain the copyright to videos submitted.

    • - The winners’ photographs will be used freely by SNH for promotion purposes.

  23. SNH’s privacy statement applies to all personal data collected during the submission of short films for the competition. SNH is the data controller for this project.

  24. What Kind of Personal Data We Use and Collect:

    • - Name
    • - Age
    • - Email address
    • - Phone number
    • - IP address
    • - Photo (only the winners will be asked for this)

    How we gather your obtain personal data:

    • - You submit your personal data to us when you enter this competition

    How we use your personal data:

    • - To assess competition submissions
    • - To award prizes
    • - To contact prize winners

    Our legal basis for using your personal data:

    To operate this competition and to award prizes in relation to the promotion of the concept of natural capital, we must process your personal data. We are therefore processing your personal data in performance of a task carried out in the public interest. This means you have the right to:

    • - Access you information
    • - Have incorrect information corrected
    • - Be forgotten
    • - Restrict the use of your information

    Your Personal Data Rights

    You can find out a bit more about your rights in SNH’s privacy notice on our website:

    The UK Information Commissioner also has more information about your rights on their website:

    To make a request please write to the Data Protection Officer giving us your name and contact details and a description of the data you want to see. We will respond as soon as we can and by 30 days after your request at the latest. We might ask you to provide some form of identification so we don't give data about you to the wrong person by mistake.

    How long we keep your data

    This means we will delete your personal data once we’ve viewed and assessed all the short films, and announced the winner. For Scottish Natural Heritage’s main Privacy Notices this can be viewed at

    Announcement of Winners

  25. SNH will contact the winners by 30th of June 2019 and the winning short films will be announced on the SNH competition website and on social media. The winners will be contacted through email, or if not replying to email via phone; if the person cannot be reached after repeated attempts the first prize will be awarded to the film in the category that was consider the be the second best submission.

  26. The winners will be invited to a prize ceremony where the short films will be screened. Attending the prize ceremony is not compulsory but strongly encouraged.

  27. The winners may be asked to offer support to promotional activities related to the campaign and this contest such as personal profiles, background information and photos. This is not compulsory but strongly encouraged.

  28. The prizes non-negotiable, non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be exchanged.

For any questions, contact

Rebecka Bergh